About Us - Our Club

Our Club has been in existence for 40 years. Our aim is to promote model flying as it was in the past; FUN, ENJOYABLE, but SAFE.

We have become affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), to enjoy their support and encouragement; and benefit from their Insurance cover. Over the years we have developed many novices into good safe pilots in a very friendly manner.

Whilst unable to provide specific training, there is a wealth of experience within the membership, which is always readily available to help those new to this exciting hobby. We are first and foremost a Fixed Wing Club (Planes) although some members also fly helicopters. An increasing number of members are also trying their hand at flying Quadcoptors/Drones, in our safe and legal environment.

Our Radio Controlled planes range in size and styles, and feature both electric and i.c. (both glow and petrol) propulsion. The modern RC equipment allows our aeroplanes to be flown safely without interference.

We have two flying sites, both have containers/club rooms, and both sites have good mown surfaces and are in open country. If you are new to the hobby, then this is the Club which would help you enjoy the thrill of model flying.