Newsletter - Sent 29th May 2020

Dear Members

We hope you have all managed to make the most of the continued fantastic weather and are enjoying getting back out flying!

Just a quick update on the Puttenham field entry gate:

The access to the field has been changed so that we no longer need a key to open the gate. There is now a combination padlock, in addition to the existing key operated one.

This means the gate can be opened using EITHER one. For the combination padlock simply dial in the code then pull the silver bottom of the padlock away from the chain to release the hasp.

Please remember to always close the numerical one and spin the combination dial for security reasons.

The combination is set to the same code as that used at Shenley and the FIRST AID boxes attached to the containers at both sites.

As mentioned previously with are very pleased to welcome a number of new members over the past few weeks and one of our committee members, Mervyn Dry, has kindly produced a short video introducing the Puttenham flying field. It includes directions to the site, opening the gate and guidance regarding use of the pits and the flying patch. New members should already have received this but we thought you should all have the opportunity to experience Mervyn’s film production, direction and narration efforts! The link is below:

Both sites have recently been mowed again since our last email so we hope you get the chance to make the most of them and the fine weather over the coming weeks!

Kind regards to you all
HHMFC Committee