Newsletter - Sent 14th May 2020

Dear Members

Following our email a few days ago we are sure most of you will now be aware of the recent changes made by the government to the previous restrictions relating to Covid-19.

You should all also have received emails from the BMFA over the past few days regarding model flying albeit subject to certain conditions.

We would strongly recommend that you read their emails very carefully.

Many of you may want to go flying as soon as possible. You have all been very patient but could we just ask to wait one more day while we make sure that both our sites are ready by Friday of this week.

Before you decide to go flying we you ask you to please consider very carefully the risks involved.

We hope the summary below will be of some assistance:

    •    Please take your own disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and face masks if you have them. You are likely to have to touch the gates, padlocks benches etc at both sites which carries the risk of infection so please use hand sanitiser where appropriate

    •    Social distancing must be observed at all times but also the guidelines as set out by the government and the BMFA

    •    Anyone with an underlying health condition or at a higher risk of complications from contracting the virus should think carefully about exposing themselves to the potential additional risk of visiting the sites

    •    Two people can stand on the flight line flying at the same time but must remain at least 2 metres apart

    •    If you need to use one of the benches in the pits you should not share the bench with another person

    •    As none of us have been able to fly for quite some time it is important to carry out pre-flight checks very carefully.

    •    It would be sensible to make sure you take a model which you are comfortable flying and with good, non-challenging, flying characteristics

    •    The first aid boxes at both Shenley and Puttenham now have combination padlocks. The code is 8901

    •    Please make sure you take home everything you have taken to the site particularly any rubbish

    •    For the time being there will be no access to the containers.

The cameras are now up and running again on both sites and Shenley now also has an additional camera showing the car park (running from 9am to 6pm and refreshed every 20 minutes).

We would encourage you to use the club WhatsApp group if you think you may be going up to fly at either of the sites.

If any of you have any questions regarding your return to flying please don’t hesitate to contact any of the members of the committee.

Please make sure you stay safe and fly safely!

With kind regards to you all

HHMFC Committee