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Hemel Hempstead Model Flying Club

Newsletter - Sent 14th December 2018

Dear Members

A very big thank you to all of those members who attended the AGM and Christmas Social on Monday evening of this week. We were very grateful for your support, given the current financial position of the club, for the proposals put forward in order to address the position and try to secure the future of our Club.

For those of you who were not able to attend, and as a reminder for those that did, the main points of the AGM can be briefly summarised as follows:

    •    There were no nominations for any new committee members and we are pleased to confirm that all current members of the committee agreed to stand for another term

    •    The annual Senior Membership will increase from £100 to £110 (with no discount for OAPs) and Junior Members from £40 to £50

    •    The Club will immediately apply to become affiliated to the BMFA as a result of which our member’s can renew and/or apply for BMFA membership through the HHMFC as part of the renewal process

    •    BMFA membership will in effect replace our current club insurance arrangements but also provide us with representation, support and guidance which is hugely beneficial in these difficult time for our hobby

    •    BMFA membership will be an additional cost of £38 for Senior and £17 for Junior members

    •    The total cost of the renewal of your membership will in effect therefore be £148 for Seniors and £67 for Junior members

    •    Please note while it is easier to arrange/renew your BMFA membership though the club all members are free to arrange their own membership direct with the BMFA or via another club.

This being the case we will need evidence of your membership by submitting your BMFA membership number to the Membership Secretary. No flying is permitted until this evidence has been received.

    •    In view of the above a new Club Constitution has been drafted. This document amalgamates both the HHMFC and the BMFA model flying rules and regulations

We are pleased to confirm that all of the above proposals were unanimously agreed and carried at the AGM.

In support of the above please find attached the following:

    •    The new Constitution

    •    Guidelines for the new fee structure/membership renewal form for 2019

    •    A summary of the accounts for 2018

Following the AGM we held the Christmas Social and we are sure those of you in attendance agreed this was very successful. The raffle was of course the highlight of the evening for many of you particularly those of you that walked away with some very nice prizes!

As you will gather form the above it is very important for the future of our club that we do all we can to grow or at least maintain our membership. For those of you who could not attend the AGM and renew their membership on the night please do arrange your renewal as soon as possible.

Do also please try to encourage new members. Remember there is a £20 renewal discount for the introduction of a new member!

That leaves us just to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing you at either or both of our flying sites in the New Year, and fingers crossed for another heat wave in 2019!!

HHMFC Committee