Annual Events

It is planned that the 2021 AGM will again take place by a Zoom on-line meeting (full details to follow in November), although the date in early December has still to be arranged.

Club's Summer BBQ's

Once restrictions on personal movements are lifted, hopefully in the spring of 2021, it is planned that a number of celebration gatherings will take place.

Watch here for more details.

All events are Saturdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm (this due to the sports centre's COVID opening times, once they change back to normal then we'll be booked 6:00pm - 8:00pm): 

• 2021 

• 16th October 

• 6th November 

• 27th November 

• 18th December 

• 2022 

• 8th January 

• 29th January 

• 19th February 

• 12th March 

• 26th March 

Flying fees are £10/session. 

The multi-storey carpark next to the main entrance will be open (it was closed for all our previous sessions but is now open), the tariff is 50p for 2 hours payable only with coins. 

The Park & Ride carpark is also available but now charges £1.20 for 4 hours, this can be paid for by card. 

COVID related changes (masks etc.) will be reviewed near the date but I doubt there will be any difference to normal indoor flying. The Postcode for Handy Cross is HP11 1PL.

Indoor Flying Dates at Handy Cross sport centre, High Wycombe